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Project Lead the Way

In order for today’s youth to thrive in a world of computers, green energy, advanced telecommunications, bio-engineering, robotic surgery, and more, the classroom must prepare today’s students for the real world. Project Lead the Way courses prepare students by challenging them to create, design, build, discover and explore the world of engineering in the classroom through hands-on, problem-based learning.
About Project Lead the Way
Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a nonprofit organization that promotes pre-engineering courses for middle and high school students. Currently, over 250,000 students in 2,300 high schools and middle schools in all 50 states are enrolled in PTLW courses. PLTW is a four-year engineering program that prepares students for the expanding field of engineering, with courses integrating science, technology, engineering, and math.
PLTW’s comprehensive curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and real-world problem solving. The hands-on, project-based program engages students on multiple levels, exposes them to subjects that they typically would not pursue, and provides them with a strong foundation for achieving their academic goals in any chosen field of study. The PLTW course offerings include three foundation courses (Principles of Engineering, Introduction to Engineering Design, and Digital Electronics), several specialization courses (Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Biotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architectural, Aerospace Engineering) and a capstone course (Engineering Design and Development). Presently, Damien High School offers Principles of Engineering and Introduction to Engineering Design, with additional courses set to be added to the curriculum over the next few years.
For those students who cannot fit PLTW Engineering courses into their academic schedules, we also offer an after-school Robotics Club, which utilizes the engineering tools to build robots and compete at the local, state and national level. 
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